Service Agreement Form - Regular Truck

Section 1 contains personal information & basic package.
Section 2 is for ordering additional items that are not included in our primary service.

1. Personal and Basic Package Information
First Name
Last Name
Zip Code

Event Details

Date of Hachnosos Sefer Torah
Address where Sefer Torah will be leaving
Address of shul to where it will be going
Time of marching on street
:   AM   PM
We Provide:
A beautiful truck (with generator) decorated with a magnificent lighted crown on top, signs and torches, flowers, lights.
Music with a complete sound system
Beautifully decorated, waterproof chupa on wheels with flowers. If necessary, we can provide lights underneath the chupa.
150 Flags
Call for Price

2. Additional Orders

We would like to order:

Additional flags
Qty price: $2.00 per flag
Total $

Hand torches
Qty price: $4.00 per torch
Total $

Nosh pekelach (min. 60)
Qty price: $2.00 per bag
Total $

Light Up Sticks
Qty price: $2.00 per stick
Total $

We don’t know the quantity needed of the above items. So please bring along:

Flags    Hand Torches    Nosh Pekelech (min.60)    Light Up Sticks   
We will charge you according to the amount you used

We would like to order labels (with name of ba’al simcha, in memory of, etc.)

Please label flags
Total $
price: $15 per Sheet (30 labels) min. order is 7 sheets

Please label nosh bags
Total $
$15 per Sheet (30 labels) min. order is 7 sheets

Label Text:


On House
On Shul
At Seuda
Total $


In front of House
In front of Shul
Total $


In shul (call for details)
During Seuda
Total $

Price for Additionals: $

By checking this box, I authorize my signature to be affixed to this agreement.

Your date is reserved when we receive a deposit of $500.00. The balance must be paid upon completion of service.
Important: we will help organize the children that will carry the torches, but we do not take responsibility for their safety.
Please ensure that no children under the age of ten are carrying torches.
Please reserve three parking spaces in front of the house, so we can park our truck and chupa.
Please arrange permits with your local police department and to be present at the affair.